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Windows Phone 7 Mango vs iOS5 Features – Really?

I love one of the first commercials for Windows Phone 7 where the message is that Windows Phone 7 is a phone that saves you from the phones. Really? :)

One of the Windows Phone experiences Microsoft is focusing on is the concept of “Glance and go”, you want to quickly get you stuff done so that you can continue with your life. I really love that so much features are already built into the phone when Mango is released. With a Windows Phone Mango device you do not have to install a bunch of applications to really get started compared to iOS. A good example is the new features in the lock screen, you can see what song you are playing, see the album art in the background, change song, the ability to quickly take photos/videos while under lock and new search under lock features.

Below is a comparison chart of general features that are either built in or installed as an app on the phone. We can clearly see that Microsoft is providing a great out of the box phone with Windows Phone Mango. You can do most of your common tasks right away, no need to search the app store/marketplace to find the proper application that solves your need. Some users might not even know how to use the marketplace, and if you do, what version of the application should you install? Often there are several versions of the same application from different developers.


List above is from the post written by about this subject,

Today I would say there is an app hysteria. Almost every developer I have spoken to has been thinking about building a mobile application when designing an application for the mobile phones. I think this will change, more and more mobile apps will be mobile web apps, just think of what you can do with for example jQuery Mobile, HTML5 etc.. Also if you think about what is coming with Windows 8, it is a pretty good hint on that you need to polish your javascript knowledge and start learning HTML5!

iOS is going for the “Apps for everything” mantra, I can just respond to that with: Really?

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