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Windows Phone Mango – Tombstoning XNA

It struck me that tombstoning when building a XNA application has to be somewhat different then tombstoning a regular Windows Phone Silverlight application. I was thinking of the “Pause screen”, Guide Dialogs (these have to halt the game in some way) etc. Also the events are triggered at different occasions in an XNA application then in a Silverlight application. In Windows Phone Mango you can also mix Silverlight/XNA, are there any special actions needed for application life cycle and tombstoning in these cases?

Let’s go through how tombstoning in XNA applications work and what the differences are compared to a regular Windows Phone Silverlight application.

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Lär dig presentera som mästarnas mästare

Gurun Richard Klees till Sverige
Lär dig att övertyga din chef, dina kunder eller andra i din omgivning! Kom och lyssna till en helt magisk presentation med Richard Klees, som har tränat några av de bästa föreläsarna i världen. Detta seminarium är ett måste för dig som skall föreläsa på stora konferenser så som t ex Best of MMS, eller TechDays – men även för dig som vill utvecklas personligt och förbättra dina möjligheter på arbetsmarknaden.

› Stockholm (29 september)

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Richard Klees own Invitation:

We can feel and demonstrate confidence, professionalism and conviction when we are comfortable, feeling well, know our content inside and out, and the stakes for being successful are not so high that the pressure to do well isn’t so great. If we had a good night’s sleep and the audience is a manageable size made up of people we know and feel calm, we can do a good job.

But what happens when life is not going as well as we planned?

  • We’re nervous
  • We didn’t get a chance to prepare as thoroughly as we would have liked
  • We must be successful because our boss is counting on us to do well
  • We are jet-lagged or fighting a cold, and just don’t feel well-rested
  • We are presenting to a larger audience than we are used to and they are complete strangers
  • We feel pressure to do well and so we are constantly self-evaluating, even as we speak
  • What’s at stake could mean the difference between moving ahead and staying in the same place

We would always like life to play fair, but it doesn’t. That’s where this seminar and “The Action Effect” come in. This seminar will show you how to be confident, compelling and persuasive under any circumstances, with any audience, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. That’s a big promise, but this seminar can deliver and you will see it before your eyes. Hope to see you there.

– Richard Klees

Windows Phone Mango – Tombstoning and life cycle

Before Mango the Windows Phone application could be in four states, Running, Deactivate, Tombstoned and Activate. In Mango there is a new state called Dormant. This extra state is there to provide us with fast app switching. It is important for the developer to understand the Windows Phone application life cycle and to understand what actions the developer needs to take at each state and event to provide an application that is responsive and provides a consistent experience.

The following overview explains the life cycle of Windows Phone applications and all the actions the developer should take and be aware of.

Windows Phone Life Cycle - Image taken from MSDN

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