iPhone/iOS to Windows Phone 7 API Mapping

This is actually something that I think is another good way of getting more apps that only exists on the iPhone to WP7. Microsoft announced a few days ago about a new tool called API Mapping that helps iPhone developers to migrate their applications to Windows Phone. We know Angry Birds is just around the corner, but with this new tool hopefully more quality apps that only exist on the iPhone are also coming to WP7.

The first thing that strikes me is if you follow this tool to migrate your iOS application to WP7 will it be good enough? What is the end result when thinking about performance, resource usage etc. Well the first version only addresses mappings that exists basically one-to-one, giving you C# sample code and API documentation for both platforms. So this tool gets you started and helps you in the migration process to quickly migrate short blobs of iOS code to the equivalent C# code. So it will “probably” not be an issue :)

In the upcoming Mango update to WP7 we will also have an Awesome! profiler for Windows Phone 7! The SDK is said to be released soon, in May, and we can start profiling our WP7 apps targeting Mango!

According to the Windows Phone developer blog, this is just the start, and they are also planning on a similar tool targeting Android!

Read more at the Windows Phone 7 Interoperability site

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