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WCF Debugging

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I must say that setting up WCF and making it running with the simplest “Hello WCF” functionality is pretty simple. But when your architecture gets more complicated, the object graph gets more complicated, it quickly becomes a nightmare to find bugs without knowing about what tools there are to help you.

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WP7 and using hardware search from IE

Kudos to my friend Kristofer who just hinted me about a nice feature that I didn’t know of.

  1. Browse to a page in IE
  2. Tap on any word to mark/highlight the word
  3. Hit the Hardware Search button on the phone

You will now search for the highlighted word(s) using Bing. It’s all these tiny features that makes the WP7 phone so cool. Although have no idea if this is something that only works with the NoDo update or not since I didn’t try this before the update.

Silverlight 5 Beta coming at MIX11!

Sweet, just read at the Silverlight Team blog where they announced that they will ship Silverlight 5 Beta at MIX11 with some great demos! I just can’t wait for MIX11, I think it will contain a lot of nice stuff this year.

You can read about the full set of features of Microsoft Silverlight 5 here.

One thing that bothers me is the extensive focus Microsoft seems to have on HTML5 and Javascripts, it’s starts to be hard to give customers a good answer on what technology they should invest in. Should they go for Silverlight or HTML5 or … I guess time will tell what happens.

Returning to Sin City!!

Last year I had the opportunity to attend the awesome conference MIX10 in Las Vegas. Fortunately for me I’ll be attending this year as well! Wohoo!!

I’m traveling with Johan and Viktor from Avanade, and hopefully I’ll be able to show them the best parts of Las Vegas, Sin City!

Hopefully I’ll have time to do some blogging about the sessions I attend as well. :)

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