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Passed some Microsoft Certificate exams

Sweet, have passed a few more Microsoft Certifications :)

Next up will be the MCPD Web Developer 4 certificate, although having to much to do atm so I’ll probably give it a try at the end of April.


WP7 LoopingSelector

I’m currently building a Windows Phone application where I need to give the user the possibility to select a number between 1 and 99. Since I really like the TimePicker and DatePicker I really would like to do something simillar for my own application. Fortunately these controls are built upon the LoopingSelector control so all we really have to do is to add a LoopingSelector control to our page and provide it with a data source and item template.

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WP7 and using Launchers

I was creating a Windows Phone 7 application where I wanted to add a “Review” and “Feedback” button so that the users can easily give ratings and feedback to me through the application. And I found a very good How-to guide at msdn. So this post is basically a copy past from that page.

The Launcher APIs belong to the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks namespace. You need to add a using directive for this namespace to the PhoneApplicationPage class file. All of the Launcher APIs function in a similar manner. First, you create an instance of the Launcher class you wish to use. Next, you set properties of the Launcher object that will determine the behavior of the task application when it is invoked. For example, you can specify a phone number that will be displayed when the Phone application launches. Finally, you call the Launcher’s Show method to launch the task application.

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