Metro Design

First of all if you have not already read the Metro UI Design and Interaction guidelines for WP7 i suggest you take time to read it so that you get a solid understanding of the Metro UI Design paradigm. I’m not going to go through what Metro is etc better that you read the guidelines provided by Microsoft.
Windows Phone 7 UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7

Metro Design Resources

  1. WP7 Design recordings
    Jaime Rodriguez has a set of recordings that goes through Metro, there are a lot of them, but they are very good and gives you a very good insight in what Metro is and how to use it.
    Windows Phone 7 Design day recordings
  2. WP7 Photoshop mockup templates
    Download the PSD mockup templates to easily create UI mockups and wireframes of WP7 application. It contains approximately 30 layered photoshop template files to be used. Very Nice
    Photoshop WP7 Design Mockup Templates
  3. Windows Phone 7 Design Templates
    This Expression Blend design templates contains implementation of all the UI design patterns in the above guideline.
    You can download it here: Expression Blend WP7 Design Templates
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